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The brands represented by Face Helsinki are leading European family-owned cosmetics brands. Face Helsinki is known as a reliable, flexible, friendly, and knowledgeable partner. We deliver products all over Finland from our own warehouse in Helsinki. Contact us and let's build together a selection that best suits your business. We are here for you!


Fall in love with Ziaja's daily cosmetics, just like thousands of Finns! Ziaja is a family business in the cosmetics and pharmacy sector that develops and manufactures high-quality skincare and haircare products with 35 years of experience. Their range includes products for the face, body, soaps, deodorants, men's products, sunscreens, and the dermocosmetic brand Ziaja Med. Ziaja's products are based on nature's nurturing ingredients such as vitamin C, goat's milk, olive oil, acai berry, and cupuacu. Ziaja's products contain a high level of skin-nourishing ingredients and minimal preservatives. All products are dermatologically tested, with a skin-friendly pH. The products are never tested on animals. Ziaja manufactures its products in a clean, ecological area near Gdansk, Poland. Ziaja is excellent in terms of price-quality ratio, as all products have a suggested retail price of under 15 euros.


Paese is a skincare-focused and professional makeup artist-recommended makeup line. Paese combines high-quality pigments with skin-nurturing ingredients in its makeup products. The result is a naturally beautiful look and well-nourished skin. Paese loves natural beauty and aims not to cover it up but to enhance it. You will notice the difference on your skin. Paese is a rapidly growing family business that manufactures and develops high-quality makeup products in Krakow, Poland. All products are dermatologically tested. Paese's products have not been tested on animals anywhere in the world.


Experience the next generation of professional cosmetics! Arkana is a pioneer in neurocosmetics (the first neurocosmetic line on the market) and an internationally awarded salon series (including Cosmoprof Awards 2019, In-cosmetics Global Best Ingredient 2020, and LN Innovation Award 2020). Its products contain the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients. Neurocosmetics, with advanced skincare components, impact the neurotransmitters of the nervous system, treating age-related changes, pigmentation disorders, and skin irritation in a new and effective way. Arkana's range also includes dermocosmetic treatments, acid treatments, and microneedling therapies. Arkana has been developing unique professional cosmetic products for 12 years in collaboration with doctors and international skincare professionals. The visible treatment results will make you and your clients smile.

Bielenda Professional


Bielenda Professional is a series developed for the needs of cosmetologists, which has won the Finnish Association of Cosmetologists' Best in Its Class competition for two consecutive years. Bielenda passionately researches natural ingredients, scientific breakthroughs, and the latest treatment methods. Based on its research, Bielenda develops innovative, effective, holistic, multi-effect, and contemporary beauty treatments. Bielenda Professional offers a wide range of treatments and retail products for different skin types and demanding skin problems. The selection includes the most effective treatment methods, such as acid treatments, microneedling treatments, and innovative long-lasting intensive treatments. Bielenda Professional is the choice of pioneers in its field.

Ziaja Pro / Denova Pro

Denova Pro undergoes a renewal in 2024, and the salon series is renamed Ziaja Pro. Ziaja Pro is a salon series born from a simple idea: high-quality skincare is for everyone. It arises from research, understanding skin needs, effective treatment methods, the best active ingredients, cream formulations, proven treatment results, and the most important ingredient - love for skincare. Ziaja Pro is an excellent value-for-money professional salon brand developed for the needs of cosmetologists. The award-winning series developed by pharmacist couple Zenon and Aleksandra Ziaja is for cosmetologists who believe that high-quality skincare made with love and nature's beautiful skin are for everyone.

Ziaja Med

Ziaja Med is a dermocosmetic series developed by pharmacists, offering effective yet gentle care for demanding and sensitive skin. The products contain active ingredients carefully selected for their effectiveness and gentleness. The product selection covers the most common skin problems and the needs of sensitive skin: rosacea, extremely dry skin, atopic skin, acne, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, SPF 50+ sunscreens for the face, and scalp problems. The range also includes gentle products for babies and children. Ziaja Med is often suitable for use alongside treatments prescribed by dermatologists. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested dermocosmetic series with 35 years of experience in cosmetics and pharmaceutical product development.